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Happy New(ish) Year

Posted by drynosedog on January 14, 2016 at 10:40 AM

Happy New Year Drynoseblog readers. Yes, its not quite as new as it was a couple of weeks ago but it wouldnt be right if I didnt send you this January greeting, so Happy New Year.

Well, the Christmas decorations are down and back in the loft for a few months, and here at Drynosedog we are raring to go. Fresh faced, bushy tailed and fully rested after a lovely break, we have a long list of newness waiting to happen. First of all, we have updated the website (Im hoping that you like it, but its about the best I can do with my limited technoloy ability) The webstore is full to bursting and our postage charge is now just £3.50 for as many items as you wish to buy.

Next, we have published photos of our newest range- Hector and friends. As many of you know already (as so many of you have bought one) we brought out a tealight last year with a little painted robin on it who goes by the name of Hector. (He was inspired by our friends tame garden robin who visited her for mealworms and suet treats) This was quite a new thing for us, as most of our designs are created using just paper, only using paint for really fine details and finishing touches (Hedgehog spikes, duck bills, sheep legs etc!) The base colour of the tealight is still paper, but the design is all paint. The design was so well received, we expanded and introduced a few friends for Hector. We hope you like them and we hope to add a few more to this range over time.

The studio has been cleared of all the chaos that the run-up to Christmas brings, and it needs to be, as we are going to be working flat out again soon to refill the shelves of all our lovely stockists. I think its going to be a busy few weeks settling back into the day to day running of Drynosedog, and getting ready and organised for 2016. We have also started the process of applying for fairs and markets and should be hearing back from organisers very soon, and as soon as we get confirmation of events, we will let you know. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to find out where we are going to be this year.

Events 2015. Done

Posted by drynosedog on December 2, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Hello all and welcome to the blog. As usual Ive not had time to write much on here but I do manage to post a few things on our Facebook page so if youre into my wafflings, why not follow us on there as you will get more regular snippets of info.

So first I will tell you about the header on the home page, which tells you that we are no longer attending The Winter Wonderland at Buxton this weekend. The roof in the Octagon is being repaired, and as such, that part of the building is obviously not in use while the works are carried out. To prevent all the wonderful events that are held in this room being cancelled, the team at The Pavilion Gardens booked a large marquee to house all us exhibitors in for the events, markets, fairs etc. Problem was that the marquee which they got was not as big as expected and therefore couldn't house as many exhibitors as had booked. Hence the reason we cant go- there just isn't the room for us all, and as we were one of the last to book our spot, we were naturally selected first to lose our space. This was totally out of our control and we are really disappointed that we cant go as we really enjoyed this event last year.

As this means we have no more events, we will tell you about the one we have just completed which was the marathon of 18 days at Chatsworth Christmas Market. (19 if you include the day we spend setting up the stall) We love this one, its easily our favourite Christmas event as the atmosphere is buzzing, we get a large space to display all our goodies, we are surrounded by great friends on other stalls and we are at Chatsworth- which is such a beautiful setting for such an event. Shame the weather wasnt as good. Firstly we had Storm Abigail passing through, which killed off a set of our fairy lights and displaced a few fake snowballs. She was quickly followed by the tail end of Hurricane Kate, a real feisty lady with enough gusto to shut us down totally on Sunday, only to be followed by Hurricane Barney who decided he would finish the market early on Tuesday for us. We were told on that day that the market would be shutting early because of forecasted gales but at that time it was calm, and we found it hard to believe there was any problem afoot. Within half hour Barney had hit, and it was amazing yet scary to see the force of the wind rip from the top of the market through to the bottom of the hill where our stall was. From being calm and serene, our display was being shaken like a rag doll, stock was falling quicker than we could take it down and the sides of our marquee were being blown in with such force it could nearly take you off your feet if you were near them. Putting the fronts on was challenging too as every time one side had been secured and we went to move along and secure the next bit, the wind came and tore it down again. And that was without the rain. I know weve had rain at the market before (after all, it is November and it is Derbyshire) but ive never known it to be quite so relentless. Wind. Rain. Wind and rain. So we were glad when we woke up to snow on the middle weekend. Yes, it was cold, and I must have worn every single thermal undergarment on me all in one go, but I didnt care as it was calm, it was dry and it was very Christmassy. It didnt last though and we were soon back to the wind and the rain. Talk of us having to shut on the last day due to more gales circulated the market but luckily, the worst weather passed us by and we were able to stay open for the last weekend. Markets were closing and being cancelled around us but we carried on and by this point we had found out that Drynosedog had come 2nd in the best dressed stall competition, meaning our spot next year is secured (and half price!)  Woop! Thanks to all of you that came to see us this year, we hope you will come back next year.

Im now utterly shattered but have still got a lot to do as shops need restocking and web orders need processing. We are a little back-logged at the moment so if you have placed an order, please bear with us, it should be going out to you this week. Nearly all items are having to be made as our stock is so low, but you will be notified when your order is on its way. Please bear in mind, our last day for orders is the 12th December.

A day of doing

Posted by drynosedog on September 11, 2015 at 4:30 AM

Today is a day of doing jobs that I never seem to allocate any time for doing, yet still need to fit in somehow. I thought while I was attacking this long list of jobs, I would write a blog, as this is also one of them things that I expect to find the time to do yet never put aside any time to do it in. In all fairness, I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, though only because I had to log into my website to correct an error which someone a lot more eagley-eyed than me had spotted. None of that blog makes sense anymore as the wonderful shows I was telling you about have been and gone. But now youre here, I will tell you about them.

So first of all on Saturday 5th September we were at Whittington Country Fair, and I was trying to work out how many years I have been attending this event. I reckon it must be about 7. I always remember one of the first years I was there, it rained like it was monsoon season and no cars were allowed onto the showground (muddy pool) at the end of the day. No problem for cushion makers. Not great for people who make glass and insist on taking at least 3 of every design to every show with them. Luckily the army cadets were there to help lug everything to the nearest parking which wasn't two foot under. This year the weather was ok, it started off a bit miserable in the morning but it cleared up and as usual, it was a great show. I had been panicking about going as my little Corsa which I usually drive is proper poorly sick at the car doctors so I had to borrow a car. I was offered the better halfs car. Which is MASSIVE. Its a great big pick up truck which I am not used to driving (the bonnet alone is about the height of my Corsa) I love this car, its my favourite of all his vehicles, but that only applies if Im passenger side and he is driving. Driving it round the tight turns of Whittington playing field pushes it down my list of dream cars to own. I did manage to keep the car in tact, with all the pieces that were meant to be attached, still attached. I didn't hit any gates, trees or posts and even did a reverse manouvere (much to the horror of the stewards who were stood very close-by) They pointed out that there was no need to worry, huge combines and tractors, fair-ground rides and such like had passed through these gates. I pointed out that they were not driven by me, and probably wouldn't have made it through if they were.So that was one show down, one more to go. I wasn't quite as scared about going to the Sutton Bonington Show on the Sunday as there is a nice wide turning into the showground and a roomy car park. I opted to get there early to ensure maximum roominess in the car park. For saying I had really not wanted to drive this monster vehicle, I was proper enjoying pretending it was mine. (to be honest, just driving a clean, litter-free, dog-hair free, mould-free car was a treat) The show was great as usual, and the weather was utterly glorious.  I caught up with some of my regulars, who come to see me every year, and met some lovely new ones too. We sold a few bags of dog treats to raise money for Burton Wildlife Sanctuary, and along with the proceeds from Whittingtons sales, we raised £45 over the weekend for them, so thank you to everyone who bought something.

Our next show is not til the middle of October, when we will be at The Pavilion Gardnes in Buxton for The Great Peak District Fair. One of the aforementioned jobs today is to list the rest of the years events on the website. And another is to photo some new Christmas designs and get them on here too. Feel free to check up on my progress. Til next time......

Stockists Updated

Posted by drynosedog on June 3, 2015 at 7:15 AM

Hello blog fans, yes this is another blog, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Wow, didn't realise how long that last blog was, what a treat for you all, and now, another blog too! It will only be a quick one, as not only is it now dinner time (lunch if youre posher than I is) I have been sat at the poostah for three hours now, totally re-doing the stockists page as for some reason, as is always the way, the website decided it didn't like the layout, and made half of it vanish, and then highlighted the other half with some sort of pyschedelic imagery which made the text impossible to read without inducing a migraine. So Ive had enough. But I thought Id better tell you that Ive updated the stockist page (which was my original intention. A half hour job. Not 3 hours retyping the whole thing)

On there you will now find details for Chesterfield Tourist Information Centre, and also Crich Tramway Museum. I am really looking forward to visiting the tramway museum as Ive never been before, and every time I take a delivery of glass, I try not to look around to avoid any "spoilers" as my lovely daughter calls them. But it all looks so good, I want to go on a tram, have a pint in the old fashioned, proper looking pub. Maybe even force a cake down in the tearooms. (After a walk round the sculpture trail of course, so I earn the calories.) But theres no time for any of that just at the moment, and there wont be if I sit here gassing on to you lot.

So, I will go now, I think Im going to have my snap in the garden today as it actually feels warmer than winter for the first time this week. The birds must agree with me as Ive just seen a fledgling blackbird in our birdbath. Just hope the neighbours pesky cats stay away. Might have to send out the damp nosed dog.

Woohoo! A blog!

Posted by drynosedog on May 12, 2015 at 1:10 PM

Hello blog fans and as always, apologies for lack of blog. I really should treat you better.

So, where to start? I think it was March when I last blogged and so much has happened I am not quite sure what to tell you first. Here goes.......



First things first- New stockists! We have been over to Chesterfield Tourist Information Centre with a delivery of animal ranges and daisy tealights and we are as chuffed as chuffed can be to be back stocking this great centre. We have stocked here on and off for a few years now and they always have a great array of goodies to buy in the shop, which handily enough for those sight seeing types amongst you, is right by the famous crooked spire. There is also a brilliant market in Chesterfield and a new Artisan market so its really worth a visit to this great town.

And our next new stockist is the wonderful Crich Tramway Musuem. They stock a wide variety of the animal ranges including ducks, sheep, owls, hedgehogs, cows and pigs as well as a selection of the various colours and designs you can see here on the website. I had been having a mix of fortunes when we were first called to go over to the museum. Firstly I had been suffering from Labyrinthitis (not nearly as cool as it sounds) which had brought on quite severe vertigo. I now know vertigo is not fun. However a bit of good fortune was on the way- I won a competition in the Pets at Home magazine for my witty caption to a photo they had published. My humour and general wit was to be rewarded with £100 in vouchers. Which was brilliant. I treated my dogs to new grooming implements and some doggy chocolate Easter eggs and have still got some spends left. Then on my first trip to take an order I drove through what appeared to be a small puddle which turned out to be a pot hole of enormous proportion which ripped my tyre to pieces and left me stranded on a country lane, with no idea how to change a tyre (or even where to start looking for a spare one) and even more annoyingly, the museum only a few minutes drive away. A phone call to the permanently-on-call fix-it man got me back on the road and up to the museum, where a large order was placed for my glassy type wares. So you can see, it was a real mix of good and bad going on. But the worst was yet to come-We lost our miracle dog, Maisie.

 I wasn't really sure whether or not to write much about losing her as it is so sad for me to write about it and I cant imagine it will be a barrel of laughs to read about it either, but I know some of you who read this blog know me personally, and might be interested.

Maisie lost her battle with Lymphoma on 16th March after seven and a half months of well and truly showing it who was boss. She had been fit and well for pretty much most of this time, only having to battle weight loss at the very start (which we managed to bring under control with the worlds most fattening and most expensive dog food) and a stomach bug which we suspect she contracted after she attempted to drink the River Dove dry after a visit to Dovedale.

She was doing so well, that we had almost forgotten she was ill, so it came as quite a blow when at a routine check up it was found her lymph nodes were all massively swollen and the illness was very much still there and now starting to win. We were told this was the start of the end. That was a Monday and by the Friday she had started to go downhill. She was slowing down considerably, starting to struggle to get up, and her face was swelling. We nick named her hover-craft face, as her jawline had started to resemble the inflated skirt bit of a hover-craft. She was also getting laboured in her breathing when she was lying down, which I think was due to the swelling of the lymph nodes. It was so sad to see her starting to lose the fight. The next day we decided an appointment should made for her on Monday to see the vet for the last time. I was hoping that I would be able to cancel the appointment, that Id only really booked it as a just-in-case type-thing but the speed she was going downhill was frightening, and I knew we would be going.

We spent a lovely last weekend with her, family came round to see her and no-one was allowed to cry. I made her pancakes for Sunday breakfast- one of her all time favourite treats. She had a roast dinner as her last evening meal and on Monday morning (the day of the appointment) she was bought a sausage and egg mcmuffin for a treat for breakfast. Hilariously, and probably not the best advert for Mcdonalds, she turned it down. When I tell people this, they say she had probably lost her appetite. Then I tell them that she wolfed down two egg custards instead. It was just that she wasn't impressed by Mcdonalds breakfasts. We then went for a lovely walk on Allestree Park, where the dogs played in the lake and walked (very slowly) up to the hall and the pond. We had a picnic when we got home, and Maisie enjoyed some ham, cheese straws and more egg custard. After some quiet hugs, and a last lie down with best buddy Poppy dog, it was time to go.

As any pet owner knows, this is one of the hardest things to do for your beloved animal, but also one of the kindest. She fell to sleep so peacefully, and I knew we had done the right thing, at the right time. But that doesn't seem to make it any easier to have lost her. It is breaking my heart to write about it now, so much so that this is the fourth time Ive opened up the laptop, wrote a few words, cried lots then turned it off again with the promise to finish it later.

I think Ive finally managed to do it now- this is my fifth attempt and Im going to carry on with other news now because otherwise it will be another week before I find the time to open up the laptop again and get this blog done and dusted.


So, what else to tell you? Ive unfortunately had to cancel my spot at Ashover show this year as all plans around July and August have had to be re-juggled for one reason and another, and I just wont be able to get there this year. I will truly be sorry to miss this event as its such a brilliant show and in a really lovely location. Don't let it stop you going though. Im sure it will still be just as wonderful (well, nearly) even without us there.

Talking of great shows, I will be at Fabulous Places Summer Market on 5th July at The Roundhouse, Pride Park in Derby. It is open 10-4 so maybe I will see you there instead? A couple of weeks after that is West Hallam Well Dressings which is one of those where I really hope for good weather as our stall is only under a gazebo, which notoriously are not capable of holding back half of the weather which our British Summertime tends to throw at us. This event really tends to draw the crowds out as the whole village gets involved in the Wells and the scarecrow trail and there is so much going on. And due to not attending Ashover in August, my next event after that wont be till the first weekend of September where I will be at the brilliantly-brilliant(!) Sutton Bonington Show. This is normally on the same weekend as Whittington Country Fair, and is my last fair of the summer season. Which I don't want to think about, as the end of the Summer season spells the start of silly season. And im not ready for that just yet. Though I have started making a few Christmas items in anticipation. I have a great new penguin design in the pipe-line, and Hector robin may well be getting some festive friends too. But for now, lets hope for some Summer. Im sure it is meant to be arriving later this week, or so the weather people say.  I will believe it when I see it (and when Im moaning that Im too hot) Bye for now



Drynosedog Designs Facebook Page

Posted by drynosedog on March 3, 2015 at 6:10 AM

Just a quick note, nothing that can be described as a blog, to say that we have finally dragged Drynosedog Designs into the world of social media and created our very own Facebook page. So go find us, like us (if you like us) and share with your buddies. We would be ever so grateful. In return you will receive information regarding events, new designs and special offers. Woop de doop.

February already?

Posted by drynosedog on February 13, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Hello blog fans. I see we have all made it past the credit card debt ridden month of January. (Which is funnily enough one of my favourite months as I actually get to chill out just a little bit before the madness begins again when all the shops start requesting a restock) I have just been to Bakewell Tourist Information Centre today with a nice array of items for their shelves, and more orders are coming in as people thaw out their wallets and finally decide that a tealight holder is a necessary purchase. There is also the possibilty of two new stockists, (we will update on those in due course) so it looks like we are in for a busy time as we are also getting stock ready for Fabulous Places Spring Market. We have made some nice Mumsy-type ranges as the event falls a week before Mothers Day so it is perfect for treating Mummy-dearest to a pressie. Even better, why not take her with you? There is a wonderful Prosseco bar, lots of naughty-but-nice nibbles dotted around, and she can even pick her own gift, so you can rest assured it will be something she will treasure, along with memories of a nice day with you. Good thinking, hey?

Next, I suppose I have to apologise for the events page, which even though we don't venture out too early in the year to attend markets, is normally in a better state of repair than it is at the moment. Yesterday it was just outdated, nothing major, but today, after spending half an hour on it, we have actually made it worse. It now has some new events at the top (Spring Market and Calke Abbey May Bank Holiday) but still has last years events on the rest of the page.This is because I am working on the Ipad and cannot for love nor money get beyond June. It won't let me scroll down the page. And even scrolling down repeatedly, REALLY hard whilst swearing and pleading in a childish, almost bawling, oh-why-does-nothing-just-do-what-it's-meant-to-do tantrum style seems to make no bloomin difference to the response it gives. And I can't get on the internet on my other pootah either- it just keeps showing me a ridiculously cute picture of a dinosaur that distracts me into happy mode for a minute before throwing me back to the cyber-lions with the words "you are not connected to the internet" Aargh. I suppose it's time to learn how this new laptop thing works. I won't update you on any of this again, just know that if the events page looks of the decade, and the homepage has more than just words on it, I fathomed it. If things are updated, but spelt wrong, or photos the wrong way, it means we fathomed it. But with the additional tool commonly known as a can of beer or three.

So, as the blog title suggests, I am surprised by the fact it is February already. I am always surprised by the speed the months go by and before I know it, Autumn will be shocking me with its approach. (Only jokin, that's AGES away!) There is so much to do though, and it looks like one of our regular Winter events is extending its duration somewhat, so I really need to start getting lots of stock ready for Christmas. I have already prepared a few bits and bobs, and I have promised myself that this year I will be very organised. No doubt it will all just sneak up on me as it does every year and I will be left dismayed at where the year has gone, and how the heck I can make a years worth of stock in three weeks. I know for a lot of you it must seem crazy to be thinking so far ahead (although I am aware organisers of shows will understand this, as they start planning next years event just as the gates close on this years one) but the booking forms are piling up at the moment and as you look through them, you see your year ahead, and realise that once you attend your first event, it just kind of catapults you onto the next, then there's an order to do, then another show, then before you know it, it's Summer holiday time, which you know is your last bit of feet up before silly season starts. And that's how it is for us here at Drynosedog, always trying to be one step ahead, but usually getting thwarted back. So on that note, full of enthusiasm and the promise of a year full of organisation, I'm going off up to the studio to get some work done. For a change, I am going to sneak up on this year and take it by surprise. 

Ps. If any of you are wondering, my wonder dog is still going strong. She seems happy, full of beans and totally unaware of the fact that she is a miracle dog. It has now been just over 6 months since her diagnosis and her next target is Valentines day, which is tomorrow. I bought her a nice big chewy bone to say well done. Happy Valentines to you all, I hope you've all got someone to give a great big hug to. x

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted by drynosedog on December 23, 2014 at 5:35 AM

Well it's Christmas Eve Eve and I was sat at the dining table wrapping presents until I realised that I'd not completed my annual Christmas blog, which is usually made up of a summary of the Christmas events, an apology for not blogging much, a thank you to all my customers and then finally a signing-off teamed with a festive greeting for all you blog readers. I don't see any reason to change this winning formula which is likely becoming more popular than the Queens speech. I may add some extra info, I'm not sure what is hidden in the depths of my brain as I had pretty much shut off from Drynosedog Designs until I realised I had this one last little thing to do. It's been an extra crazy couple of months, so I think I can/should be forgiven. 

So, fairs, fayres, markets, events. Call them what you will but the fact is we've been to a few. (And also missed one too, which is unusual for us.) We started the Christmas run with Chatsworth Christmas Market, undoubtably one of our favourite and most tiring markets. It runs for a straight eleven days and I normally have an emotional breakdown somewhere around day 6. I didn't let myself down and lost the plot totally on day 7. I'm not sure if it's down to lack of sleep, the excitement and relief of finally being set up and trading (which I pretty much plan all year for) or the fact that one of doggies is not well. (Please be aware, I get a little side tracked here, so if you are not interested in dogs, I suggest you skip a paragraph, though it does explain why we missed Shugborough, and it explains the extra tiredness. Though it does neither in a very quick way!) Some of you will already know that my one of furry-footed pals was diagnosed with Lymphoma on August 1st this year. Without going into too much detail, Lymphoma is a very aggressive disease, and most dogs do not make it many weeks beyond diagnosis. We opted not to go for Chemotherapy, as for many reasons, we didn't feel it appropriate for Maisie. Our vet agreed and we got the to ahead to take the dogs on a five day break to Wales, with the intention of starting steroid treatment upon our return, when Maisie had recovered enough from the operation which had diagnosed her. This was to be a few days of dog utopia- sausages, ice creams, fish and chips and huge long walks on sandy salty beaches. A brilliant send off for a fabulous partner in crime. Maisie however, had other plans. She stuck around to finish a bucket list of favourite walks which we never thought we would even get half-way through. She stuck around to do them same walks three or four times over in some cases. She stuck around to wear her Halloween outfit again. She is still here now, curled up by the window, advent calendar nearly finished, stocking hung up by the fireplace, with a load of presents ready to go in it. She has been drinking a lot due to the steroids, which in turn causes her to be able to compete with horses for any I-can-do-the-biggest-wee-competitions. (Not too sure of this competitions existence, I'm sure it exists somewhere, but it's purely for descriptive purposes here) This means getting up  in the night to let her out. A lot. Hence the tiredness. This also caused me to not be able to attend the fair at Shugborough- I had no-one to look after her as the other main nurse-maid in the house had already used all his spare holiday to be with her while I was at Chatsworth, and the Drynosedog apprentice (who has probably now qualified due to her long service) had other important stuff to do (attending college)  

Right, back to fairs. Back to Chatsworth. It was a brilliant event again, and we were one of the twelve who got nominated for best dressed stall. Although, having won last year, we didn't expect to win again, and we were just pleased to have been nominated, as we really are so very proud to be a part of this wonderful market, and being nominated means a spot next year. So, best start planning next years theme then, hey?! While we were at Chatsworth, we also had a stall booked at The Roundhouse in Derby, which is run by Fabulous places. This we discovered was a decision of brilliant proportion as our products were very well received by all the wonderful customers, and the Drynosedog Team were kept very busy. We had a new apprentice this year, and he proved to be worth his salt, standing up to the 8pm finish with gusto. We have double-booked events before, but never whilst at Chatsworth, and it was very tiring, but well worth the effort, and as usual, it couldn't have been done without my team of amazing folk. (Thanks so much Andy, Charlie and Asher- you are all amazing) The weather was mostly ok for us, some mornings started off a bit ropey, but generally the clouds didn't produce too much rain. There was one morning where I just couldn't imagine anyone leaving their house, least not to come to an outdoor market on a windswept Chatsworth Estate. Marquees were kept shut til the last minute as the wind was strong and the rain was horizontal. Traders sheltered cowering over cups of coffee and bacon cobs. (I had a Bakewell tart to up my sugar levels ready for a battle with the marquee cover) The weather did clear and it turned out to be a fine day. Day by day, the car parks got a bit muddier and vans were starting to get stuck, but my little Corsa ploughed on, pretending to be a Land Rover thorough the deep troughs of sticky mud. As usual, the eleven days flew by and before we knew it, we were packing down. One side of my marquee was pretty much empty by this point, as the snowmen, robins, Christmas Puddings and penguins had proved even more popular than usual, leaving me with a rather sorry display compared to what we had started with. Next year I shall make lots more! I shall be even more organised, and start making my stock even earlier in the year. This is what I say every year, and every year, it takes me by surprise how many people want to take home some of our glass goodies. So next was meant to be Shugborough Hall. which we were really looking forward to, having never been before. This was not meant to be, and as I have already explained why, I shall say no more and move swiftly onto the weekend after. Now into December, we were faced with another double booking- an old favourite which we have attended for a few years now- Denby Pottery Christmas Gift Fayre, and a fair which we first went to about five years ago but due to other commitments, never made it back to-The Winter Wonderland at The Pavilion Gardens at Buxton.(We are normally at Calke Abbey) The change was a good one, and we ended up having a brilliant weekend at Buxton, beating the Denby team on tealights sold (which is generally unheard of, they normally slam me on sales!) It started snowing around midday at Buxton (yay!) and some stallholders had to leave a little earlier as their roads home were fast becoming white and unpassable.  We stayed til the end with a promise of a 4x4 rescue if needed, and as usual, were one of the last to leave. (Which is good as we get the car right by the door for easy loading)

So that was that, fairs done. Now to restock all the shops that had just about sold out while we had been at fairs. This was a mammoth task, and web orders were also pouring in like we've never known before. Back to the studio for one last week or two of silly working hours and then I could start thinking about Christmas. And here I am, wrapping paper on hold til I sign off for this year. Which looking at the length of this blog (a Christmas special it would seem!) shouldn't be too long. So thank you. All of you. Customers who buy my work. Shops who stock our products. Organisers who deem us good enough to sell our wares at their events. Fellow stall holders and friends who I inflict my whining/dancing/singing onto. Friends who visit us at shows to say hi. Amanda for the lifts. Andy, Charlie and Asher for everything. I honestly truly sincerely could not do it, and keep doing it without you all. And I know I say it every year, but I don't want any of you to forget how important each and every one of you are to Drynosedog Designs. Thank you, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. See you in 2015 x

Just a short blog.

Posted by drynosedog on October 13, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Yep, a quick blog so dont expext the usual level of humour and wit which clearly takes hours of thought and drafting out. This blog is for pure information only, Any amusement caused is unintentional.

I just wanted to let all you lovely folk that I have updated the events page, so our Christmas appearances are now on display for you to peruse at your leisure. The only event not on there yet (which we regularly attend year after year) is Denby Pottery, which usually falls on the first weekend of December. We havnt had confirmation for this event yet, but as soon as we do, we will put the details on with the others.  On certain weekends, we are attending more than one event, so we will be releasing the Drynosedog apprentices for the annual competition of who can sell the most tealights. Results will only be published should I be victorious. Also, on the colours and designs front, there are some new Christmas designs, with a couple more to follow soon, and Boris the woodshed spider has made his debut on the homepage. Perfect for Halloween but not for people with arachnophobia. Though he is really cute and the fact he is a spider shouldnt be held against him.

A good end to the weekend

Posted by drynosedog on September 7, 2014 at 2:00 PM

As the title suggests, it has been a good weekend, though I do hope its not strictly the end as I have neither had any supper or beer yet. I have only just got home from the really rather wonderful Sutton Bonington Show, and I can honestly say it's been a brilliant day. The weather this morning started off very autumnal (one of my favourite times of year, as I've probably mentioned before) It was misty, cold, and required a jumper. And for the first time, the car heater went half way round to warm. The mist soon went elsewhere allowing the sun to steal the skyline, and it stayed lovely all day. I had lots of lovely customers, some regulars, some newbies, and had the added bonus of being next to one of my buddies, who makes me chuckle so much I can eat Staffordshire Scotch eggs all week with the calories I burn from laughing. There were no famous people in the marquee this time (unless you count the Greengrass from Heartbeat look-a-likey) and I didn't win the raffle, but I did see John, a fellow stallholder I know who is always so full of compliments for my work, that's it's almost better than a raffle win and a Jarvis sighting put together. Lots of visitors said what a great show it was and I can fully agree, so if you've never been, why not come and see for yourselves next year? You're missing out you know.

Yesterday I was at Whittington, another great show that is a traditional type of affair with events going on throughout the day and a great mix of stalls to spend your wages at (and again, well worth a visit) The weather was slightly more overcast, but still dry, and the customers came in good numbers. There were a lot less marquee spiders at Whiitington than there were today at Sutton Bonington, so packing up was slightly quicker as I wasn't spending ages releasing the spiders from tealight holders. (I think I was last but one out of the marquee today)

My next show is The Great Peak District Fair at The Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, which also hosts The Buxton Beer Festival, and as all you blog readers will know, is a great event as it's local makers, bakers and creators. (Yes, I know, that bit was good wasn't it? Makers, bakers and creators. I'm chuffed with that) It sort of signals the beginning of the aaarrrgggggghhhhhhhh- I've-got-to-work-every-day-for-at-least-14-hours-a-day-til-mid-December season for me, as the next shows after that start to be called 'Christmas' shows, and they start spelling them 'fayre' instead of fair. 

On that note, with a stomach-churning realisation that I'm not in the slightest bit prepared for this chaos that will soon be upon me, I'm going now, for a bit of feet-up while I've got chance. And I may also have one of them lovely (vegi) scotch eggs and a beer. Yep, I know how to party. Rock n roll dudes, rock n roll......