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Blog influx

Posted by drynosedog on June 13, 2014 at 3:45 AM

This is what can only be described as an influx of blog, rarely do I post once every six months let alone twice, but it has been such an exciting week that I think I need to share it with you all.

First things first, Edale Country Day was SUNNY again, for the SECOND year running (at least it WAS til it was time to start packing up which is when it decided to boot it down with rain, the sort of rain that only places like Edale know how to produce. Golfball-sized blobs of water which drench you with immediate effect, drowning your once dry jeans through to the skin, preparing you for a miserable drive home, soaked, wet, and in need of some alcohol) This was of little concern for me this year however as dancing in the sun doesn't quite cut the mustard as much as dancing in the rain, and yes, I had reason reason to dance. I, yes me, had WON the top prize in the raffle-£100! I could hardly believe it when my name got called out. I had bought the ticket about an hour earlier after seeing it lined up in a grid like formation of tickets available to purchase. I'm not often one for raffles, and only ever really buy a ticket to support whatever the raffle is raising money for, but this ticket had got a hold on me, and I had to have it. I deserted my stall, in a zombie like trance to go and get this ticket which was calling me. And I am so glad I did, as this is now the ice-cream, pasty and arcade fund for our holiday! Woop. 

Another rather delightful thing which happened that day (yes, I know, all this on one day. It was nearly enough to tip me over the edge, the very edge on which I spend most my life balanced precariously) Now, before I tell you this, if you were not a 90s music fan, this will mean nothing to you, so go to the next paragraph which is about Ashbourne Tourist Infornation Centre- I will be there in a mo. Right, 90s music fans still with me,  here goes (before I tell you, I also loved Blur and Oasis which at the time was a massive no-no). Set the scene, small traditional country fete, stalls selling fudge, knitted delights, soaps and jams, a real Father Ted type set up in the middle of a beautiful nowhere. (No offence Edale, you know what I mean) Who should walk into the craft marquee but Jarvis Cocker. The ultimately cool lead singer of one of my favourite bands when I was a teenager-Pulp. I was most reserved and resisted asking for a selfie, which I have to admit, I fully regret now. I was fully star-struck and amazed that I was in the same marquee as the man who had mooned on stage at the Brits. I have to admit though, he was a right scruffy mess and I think his dream to live like common people had gone a little too far, in the wardrobe sense at least. 

And now to our last bit of news. We are chuffed to tell you that  Ashbourne Tourist Information Centre has opened at the town hall after relocating earlier this year. We took a family-sized delivery of hedgehogs, sheep and owls to them yesterday to adorn their shiny new shelves with. Pop in and see all the goodies they have to offer, and maybe take home a little tealight holder too. Ta-ra for now 

Could it be, (hands clasped together in hope) that this is a new blog?!

Posted by drynosedog on May 21, 2014 at 4:10 PM

So its fair to say that most of my blogs start off with some sort of mention of a lack of blogs. And far be it from me to disappoint you and let this one be any different. I have been questioned now by more than one set of blog regulars about my lack of informative, fun and delightfully hilarious wafflings so in a mission to fulfil my promises and appease their gentle whinings, I am sat scripting this blog at Elvaston Castle Food and Drink Fair. I am writing it out onto my phone, with plans to draft it onto the website later. How very high tech and upmarket of me. I doubt I will get it all done here as this much intellect from a non-intellect does take some doing, so this may well be the first blog to ever be scripted out on two territories. Cripes, if that doesnt keep you wanting more I just dont know what will.

The weather at the food fair has been lovely and I have watched a lot of rather warm looking punters going past, many of whom had really tasty looking beers to guzzle on to cool them down (or at least, get them sozzled enough to forget how hot they were in the first place) and it has been no different for us sat on the dark side of the stalls (sometimes, but not always, known as the selling side) But we are not moaning as its Bank Holiday next weekend so its probably due for some rain. Or sleet. Or sub-zero temperatures.

Well that was as far as the writing got in the craft marquee. Before I knew it, we were lugging our stall back to an impossibly over-heated car questioning how the bloomin `ell we had got no room left in the Corsa to put anything even though there was still a good half of it to go in, and we had sold some of it too. Im sure its down to some sort of witchery unique to craft marquees.

So im now sat back at home having walked the dogs and had my tea (homemade veg lasagne and chips for those wondering) Ive still got to feed the dogs and finish the events page to keep everyone happy. First things first, feed the dogs. Or even better, get someone else to do it.


*******Due to computer trickery and magic, the events page is now done, the dogs have been fed, another day has gone by, the dogs have been fed and walked again and Ive had another tea (cheese n broccoli quorn chicken, with salad and homemade tato salad) and no time has been lost in your world**********


So its now Tuesday and Im facing a check-up trip to the dentist tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to at all. Last time I came out looking like I had been chewing on chainsaws for all of February as a way of depleting my gums of their blood. Thinking about it, this may have been less painful than what was introduced to me by Mrs. Hygienist as inter-dental brushing.  Toilet brush sized wire with more wire for bristles were rammed in and out of the gaps between my teeth while Mrs. Hygienist made me watch the slaughter of my gums in a mirror. I smiled sheepishly at her when she asked me if I could do this at home. I couldnt even bear to brush my teeth that night but to be fair, I reckon what she had done earlier in the day equated to, oooh, a good three days worth of brushing so I went to bed and took any leftover plaque with me. Please note, all those with a fear of dentists, I have exaggerated this a little bit for dramatic effect, so dont go cancelling your half two on Wednesday on my behalf.

I fully recommend checking out the events page, as it has, (as previously mentioned) been updated and all our fairs up to the end of August are now on there. Im really excited to be attending the wonderful Summer Market at the Roundhouse in Derby which is organised by Fabulous Places- check out the website by following the link on the events page for loads more info. Ive not been to this venue before so I cant wait to meet some new faces and be surrounded by all the other gorgeous stalls set to be there. Think I better take my purse. Im also at Alrewas Show again, which is my second time there and its one of those nice, traditional shows with bags to do. Lets hope the weather is good. Also, Edale Country Day will yet again be putting us a stall aside for the sixth year running (I think its six, it might be five, but I do know its alwasy a good idea to pack wellies and flip-flops, jumpers and cool packs) It is in one of the most stunningly pretty settings Derbyshire has to offer and I reckon you should make the effort to get there. I will put the last summer shows and start the Autumn list all in good time so keep peeping back- you never know, I might even do another blog before then.

So, thats it then, blog done,  I reckon I now have the upper hand in the `I-told-you-I-would-do-it-and-it-might-have-taken-me-three-months-but-I-have-done-it` game. A big friendly raspberry to all you doubters.  You know who you are.




Bit late for Happy New Year, so Happy February

Posted by drynosedog on February 6, 2014 at 7:45 AM

Well yet again I seemed to have mislaid nearly half a year, and have done nothing on my blog, and in all fairness, the only reason I am able to do it now is because Im suffering from a bout of the sniffles and am totally incaple of doing any form of proper work. It has been a busy few months though, so I think I should be fully forgiven.

Normally I dont start my 16 hour days, 7 days a week silliness til mid October, but last year, for some reason, it started early. And it didnt stop til mid December. Which is when I got to put my feet up and relax by moving house. A week before Christmas. Oh, and of course there was the small matter of taking an entire glassware business with me too. Though to be honest it was quite relaxing compared to the utter chaos which was 2013s festive fairs season. It started off with 11 days at Chatsworth Christmas Market (12 if you count the day before which is spent getting most of the stall set up)  This, yet again, was a brilliant event, and the weather was pretty kind to us too, considering it was November. There were a few showers of rain here and there, and there was one morning that I was driving there wondering and panicking if there would be anything left of my stall as the wind and rain was just horrific. Luckilly everything was fine, the stall and its contents were still standing, and the weather eventually cleared up. We even went on to win best dressed stall, yep, BEST DRESSED STALL, which we are so proud, happy, chuffed and over the moon about. (WOOOHOOO!) This means we have secured our spot at the 2014 market.

After Chatsworth it was onto a double-booked weekend comprising of Sudbury Hall and Strutts. The Friday eveing at Sudbury was a bit cold and I must admit I was glad to get home, but there was no time to chill out and warm up as I had to get in and get the car packed and ready to go for setting up at Strutts in the morning. Strutts was a really nice event with loads of stalls, in a fantastic old building and we met so many lovely new customers, and Sudbury was such pretty surroundings to be in, albeit a bit cold. The week after was double booked again with an old favourite of ours, Denby Pottery and one of our newer events, Calke Abbey. Both events proved successful, and Calke Abbey provided us with the most spectacular sunset to round off the weekend. After a week of finishing off web and shop orders it was time to down tools, pack up and move house.

Christmas was wonderful, probably made extra enjoyable by the fact we had been working so hard up to this point and knew we had really earned a proper feet up for a week or two. It flew by and before we knew it, the New Year was upon us. January is normally quite a gentle push back into the world of Drynosedog, which is mainly spent restocking shops and catching up on bookwork. However, this January has been a lttle different- we have taken on three new stockists (details of which can be found on the stoickists page)  This, along with web orders and existing stockists needing refilling with sheep, ducks, owls and such like has kept us proper busy.

And so onto February. We are attending our first fair in February, which is quite early for us, as we normally stay in hibernation mode and hide away in the studio til at least March, but we couldnt resist sneaking in a Saturay Bazaar at the Pavilion gardens in Buxton. Hopefully the weather will be kind. We will have a bargain basket with us too so it will of course be well worth a visit.

Oh and if anyone has tried to email us and not had a reply, its not because we dont love you. There was a fault with my email which resulted in them not making it to my inbox. Hopefully all sorted now though so we look forward to hearing from you. Im off for a Lemsip.

Blog Gone

Posted by drynosedog on August 28, 2013 at 8:10 AM

Well, as the title and lack of recent blogs suggests, my blog has gone a little off track. I hadnt really given the blog much thought lately, as so much has been going on at Drynosedog HQ, and it was only upon the gentle critism of a friend did I realsie just how long it had been since I had entertained the world with my spouting of general paff. I think the fact that Edale Country Day actually had the presence of some sun this year probably knocked me sideways and left me in shock. To be fair though, I have never been all that sure if there is many people out there who are actually reading it, but after the recent blog drought, many a folk have asked me, "when-oh-when will you be updating the website?" It has made me realsie that the DrynoseBlog can only be described as an internet success that should not be rationed if at all possible. 

Right, onto more pressing matters, like the fact its September. Which means I have yet again mis-placed three quarters of the year. Not my best move as September reminds me how close we are to attending Christmas markets, which I am not in the least bit prepared for. And with a studio relocation looking very likely, very soon, I can sense that this silly season is going to be particularly silly. Eek.

For now though, lets go back to this month. I attended the really very wonderful and totally quaint Sutton Bonington show again this weekend, which is starting to become one of my favourite summer events. Lots of familiar faces came to say hello, along with a few new ones, and a good number also bought a piece of glassware to add to their Drynosedog Designs collections, which is great. So thank you all for your support.

Im at Whittington Country and Craft fair this Saturday, and although I am unsure about the weather conditions as yet, I would urge you all to don a pair of wellies/sandals and come along. There is an utter feast of activities, stalls and general country loveliness all for your entertainment. That will be my last event til October, when Im at the Great Peak District Fair at The Pavilion Gardens in Buxton again. Do I need to tell you all what a great day out this one is with loads of oppurtunities to purchase locally produced, hand made goodies and delicious home grown, home cooked food which supports your local economy whilst getting you something special, unique and delicious? That its all in one place under the cover of the glorious Octogan Hall, which not only shelters you from the elements but provides eating and drinking respite too? No, I thought not. See you there x

New Blog Take 2

Posted by drynosedog on May 21, 2013 at 2:25 PM

This is my second blog this week. O.k, those more eagley eyed of you will have noticed already that the last statement is not quite strictly true, as there is only one blog from this week on here. (which, hopefully, if things go better than last night, will be this one)  My other blog, which I spent yesterday evening writing, diasppeared somewhere into cyber space when I clicked on the publish button. Maybe it was trying to tell me something- that my latest addtiion to DrynoseBlog was not quite up to scratch, and it was doing me a favour by choosing to rid the world of my ramblings. Usually I would just be able to re-write from memory, as I spend ages going over each sentence, making odd adjustments, then reading it back again and again. By the time I am done, that blog is about etched into my brain. But not this time however, as I had written it under a sugar-rush fury of iced buns and coffee, and by the time I had clicked publish, my sugary high was ending and all memory of any sentences had gone. So I slammed my laptop lid (gently) and vowed to return tonight. No coffee. No iced buns. Just me and the laptop. (and River Monsters on the telly)

So, back to the main reason for my blog, which is to inform everyone that the events page has been updated, with a various selection of fairs, country shows and generally jolly Derbyshire days out which we will be attending over the next two months. There is a fabulous mix to look forward to, with old favourites such as West Hallam Well Dressings, which is a brilliant day for families, with loads to see in this pretty little village, to shows weve never been to before, such as Alrewas, which looks to be a rather brilliant day out. You can have a peek at the website if you follow the link from the events page.  We were actually booked in for this last year, but it unfortunately got cancelled due to the rather large amount of rain we were getting at the time.  More shows for August and September will be going on the list in good time, which should then about cover all our `summer` events.  

Before we sign off, just a big thanks to everyone who made it to see us at the Derbyshire Food and Drink Festival. It was a successful weekend, with our owls proving to be the best seller of the moment. Sunday was lovely weather-wise, but of course, with that came the onslaught of the infamous marquee spider. Anyone who has stood in just about any tented structure in Britain, on a warm day in spring or summer, for more than ten minutes will know what I mean. They descend from nowhere, to crash land upon any surface which they bump into whilst floating throuh the air on naked-to-the-human-eye bungee wires. A small price to pay for the lack of rain and sufficiency of sunshine, me thinks. Maybe summer really is finally on the way? 

Til next time......

Has Spring finally sprung

Posted by drynosedog on April 20, 2013 at 5:05 AM

Im a little bit wary about making any rash statements that spring has finally landed in Derbyshire, as it is after all, only the 20th April, (!) and I wouldnt want to be the one to blame if the snow returned. But looking out of our window now, it does look rather sunny. And I have now removed the snowmen range from our website home page, after being a little bit convinced that they were somehow powering the weather from my computer screen. 

We have now been to our first fairs of the year and they have so far been a success, with the new home-page stars, the piggies, proving a big hit at The Saturday Bazaars at Buxton.

Our next fair is The Derbyshire Food and Drink Festival, which this year, will be held at Elvaston Castle in May. We really enjoyed this event last year, so are looking forward to it a lot. (nothing to do with the vast quantity of delicious locally produced food on offer all day in the marquee next door. Nothing at all.) Anyone who was there last year will remember what utterly glorious nose-scorching weather we had, and we can only hope it is something similar this year.

All the details have just gone on the events page, aswell as a link to the website to find out more details about prices, attractions, and general information to help you make the most of your visit.

Unfortunatley, however, the food festival has fallen on the same weekend as Etwall Well Dressings this year, an event which we have regularly attended year after year, and brilliant as we are, we cant be in two places at once that weekend. (though we sometimes are) So,being as we have never had a stand at Elvaston Castle before, and because it is a place which we absolutely love, we opted for the food festival. Just because we had to choose though, it doesnt mean you have to- each event is run over two days, so you can go to both- one on one day, and one on another. Saturday and Sundays activities sorted that weekend then. Hoo.Rah. Paws crossed for sunny weather.

Events Confirmed

Posted by drynosedog on March 12, 2013 at 4:00 PM

And so it begins. Shows. Events. Fairs. Markets. The first ones have been confirmed. A little bit earlier than we expected as we were not hopeful about getting into the Pavilion Gardens Saturday Bazaar due to its popularity, but we had a nice surprise a few days ago when we received confirmation that we had secured a place. Yippee. Then EEeek! I wasnt expecting to get in, so this week has been spent frantically sorting out, replenshing and packing up stock ready for the weekend. We are hoping to have our new pig range with us, so the next few days will be allocated to making them. We will also have all our usual favourites with us too, aswell as some Easter items, and lots of fabulous good-price buys to be had from our bargain basket. And being as its a free event, its a cheery and cheap choice for a budget busting Saturday afternoon. (unless you blow all your pennies on cookies and things) Hoorah!

See you there.

Happy New Year

Posted by drynosedog on January 28, 2013 at 11:35 AM

I admit I might not exactly be the early bird in this greeting but its still January, and the year is still new,  so Happy New Year everyone. Its been a sort of relaxed start to the new year here at Drynosedog HQ, as the snow pretty much forced me (ahem) to have a day or two off to make snowmen, go sledging and strap myself to a snowboard and fall over a lot.

On the subject of all things snowy, the snowmen on the home page are not being kicked off just yet, as it doesnt seem fair somehow when the snowman in our garden has not yet fully thawed,(although admittedly he has no face left, and he has thrown his twiggy arms on the floor in an I-give-up, melt-me-now kind of fashion) We will replace them soon though, with a photo of our new................................................ piggy range! We finalised the design at the end of last year after receiving a commission for them, and hope that they will be a big hit with piggy collectors and buyers for piggy collectors everywhere. I have to say that personally I am thrilled with them, and Im sure that one or two of these little piggies might not make it to market, but will stay and keep me company. They will be available in the webshop very soon, but you can see and buy them now at Bakewell Tourist Information Centre if you cant wait til then, as they took delivery of the full range on Friday. 

As for events, which now seems like a million years ago since I have been to any, there will be the usual list of dates to keep your eyes out for as I am starting to book places for the months ahead. I will be confirming some dates soon, but as usual, if you need a tealight treat, visit the webshop, or drop me a line using the contact form. There is also a sale on selected items in the webshop, so grab a bargain now as stock is limited. Oh, and a big hello to Steve B, who I hear (understandably) is a fan of the DrynoseBlog. Hurray! 

Another one done....

Posted by drynosedog on December 17, 2012 at 10:10 AM

So thats it then, fairs done, studio shut, another utterly manic Chrismas season well and truly in the bag. I almost feel a little bereft, after spending every waking hour decorating glassware, all I have to do now is organise the Drynosedog family Christmas. Seems like a doddle compared to how much of an uphill struggle it has been at times to get orders completed and dispatched, keep our wonderful stockists stocked, and get plenty of glassware made and ready for selling at all those lovely Christmas markets. Denby was a brilliant success, with the Drynosedog apprentices more than proving their worth, and actually beating me on sales too. I was at Calke Abbey- which was also a lovely event, and turned out to be my last one as I had to cancel Park Farm. (many grovelling apologies to anyone who was planning to see me there) The web store has been somewhat of a suprise instant success, and has also kept us very busy, and next year, more products will be added to it, to ever-improve the selection our lovely customers have to pick from (and to make shopping that little bit easier if you cant make it to see me at a cold, windswept, rainy, foggy, muggy, too-hot or water-logged event) Oh, and keep your peepers peeled for our new range to be added next year- it will be one for the animals section, and one that many people have requested me to do. I have finally come up with a design Im happy with and I reckon they have the potential to be a new best seller, and will hopefully solve a lot of present problems next year. Anyway, back to this year, and most of my Christmas shopping is done, which you would sort of hope it was by now, but I have yet to wrap anything. Apparently, this should be causing me great concern, as after all, the big day is approaching. But after spending the last couple of months trying to fit 112 hours worth of work into every week, a beautiful, hand made pair of olive green but still unwrapped mittens doesnt really bother me. After buying our Christmas tree it took us nearly a week to get it decorated, although it looks fabulous now it is. For the time being anyway (the dogs appear to be having a who-can-knock-the-most-needles-and-baubles-off-with-a-passing-wag-of-the-tail-competition. At the moment its neck and neck, but both are successfully ridding my tree of its tree-ness) But Im getting there, and signing off from this blog will take me one step closer to wrapping them mittens, so here I go. Thank you one and all, friends, family, stockists and customers for yet again keeping Drynosedog afloat and well and truly doggy-padding throughout 2012. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2013 x

That REALLY busy time of year

Posted by drynosedog on November 30, 2012 at 3:10 PM

Well I suppose the first thing I should do is start with an apology for being painfully slow at removing the pumpkins from our home page. I am aware that it is now December which means Christmas cannot be too far away, also meaning that Halloween is long gone and I really should have updated the website by now. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been what can only be described as a workaholic of late. Busy seems laid back compared to the level of effort that we have been putting in here just to keep up with orders and fairs. Chatsworth Christmas Markets were an amazing success and we are so grateful to everyone who turned up to see us and buy their Christmas gifts from our stall. It is amazing that so many people managed to don their scarves and hats to brave the best that the British weather could throw at us. (anyone who was there the second weekend knows what I mean!) Flooded roads were closed around us as rivers burst their banks and winds reached speeds that I dare not think about (what with being a glassware stall) The marquees rattled and blew, and vases rocked, ready to drop, each time with a sound of eeks, aargghs and intakes of breath as more willing customers put their hands out and upward ready to catch a falling sheep (a glass one, not a real one. It wasnt THAT windy)

We are now looking forward to a double whammy of fairs this weekend with Denby starting on Friday and Calke Abbey on Saturday. Drynosedog apprentices will be running the stall at Denby while I will be at Calke Abbey. Both stalls will have a fabulous range of glassware ready to become the gifty solution to the problem of what to buy Auntie Edith this year. Dont worry though if you cant make it as our webshop is now open making it easier to buy online in the comfort of your home, office or local watering hole. Last date for ordering will be the 16th December, so dont cat nap too long.

Anyhoo, off to delete them pumpkins x