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Happy New Year

Posted by drynosedog on January 28, 2013 at 11:35 AM

I admit I might not exactly be the early bird in this greeting but its still January, and the year is still new,  so Happy New Year everyone. Its been a sort of relaxed start to the new year here at Drynosedog HQ, as the snow pretty much forced me (ahem) to have a day or two off to make snowmen, go sledging and strap myself to a snowboard and fall over a lot.

On the subject of all things snowy, the snowmen on the home page are not being kicked off just yet, as it doesnt seem fair somehow when the snowman in our garden has not yet fully thawed,(although admittedly he has no face left, and he has thrown his twiggy arms on the floor in an I-give-up, melt-me-now kind of fashion) We will replace them soon though, with a photo of our new................................................ piggy range! We finalised the design at the end of last year after receiving a commission for them, and hope that they will be a big hit with piggy collectors and buyers for piggy collectors everywhere. I have to say that personally I am thrilled with them, and Im sure that one or two of these little piggies might not make it to market, but will stay and keep me company. They will be available in the webshop very soon, but you can see and buy them now at Bakewell Tourist Information Centre if you cant wait til then, as they took delivery of the full range on Friday. 

As for events, which now seems like a million years ago since I have been to any, there will be the usual list of dates to keep your eyes out for as I am starting to book places for the months ahead. I will be confirming some dates soon, but as usual, if you need a tealight treat, visit the webshop, or drop me a line using the contact form. There is also a sale on selected items in the webshop, so grab a bargain now as stock is limited. Oh, and a big hello to Steve B, who I hear (understandably) is a fan of the DrynoseBlog. Hurray! 

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