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Bit late for Happy New Year, so Happy February

Posted by drynosedog on February 6, 2014 at 7:45 AM

Well yet again I seemed to have mislaid nearly half a year, and have done nothing on my blog, and in all fairness, the only reason I am able to do it now is because Im suffering from a bout of the sniffles and am totally incaple of doing any form of proper work. It has been a busy few months though, so I think I should be fully forgiven.

Normally I dont start my 16 hour days, 7 days a week silliness til mid October, but last year, for some reason, it started early. And it didnt stop til mid December. Which is when I got to put my feet up and relax by moving house. A week before Christmas. Oh, and of course there was the small matter of taking an entire glassware business with me too. Though to be honest it was quite relaxing compared to the utter chaos which was 2013s festive fairs season. It started off with 11 days at Chatsworth Christmas Market (12 if you count the day before which is spent getting most of the stall set up)  This, yet again, was a brilliant event, and the weather was pretty kind to us too, considering it was November. There were a few showers of rain here and there, and there was one morning that I was driving there wondering and panicking if there would be anything left of my stall as the wind and rain was just horrific. Luckilly everything was fine, the stall and its contents were still standing, and the weather eventually cleared up. We even went on to win best dressed stall, yep, BEST DRESSED STALL, which we are so proud, happy, chuffed and over the moon about. (WOOOHOOO!) This means we have secured our spot at the 2014 market.

After Chatsworth it was onto a double-booked weekend comprising of Sudbury Hall and Strutts. The Friday eveing at Sudbury was a bit cold and I must admit I was glad to get home, but there was no time to chill out and warm up as I had to get in and get the car packed and ready to go for setting up at Strutts in the morning. Strutts was a really nice event with loads of stalls, in a fantastic old building and we met so many lovely new customers, and Sudbury was such pretty surroundings to be in, albeit a bit cold. The week after was double booked again with an old favourite of ours, Denby Pottery and one of our newer events, Calke Abbey. Both events proved successful, and Calke Abbey provided us with the most spectacular sunset to round off the weekend. After a week of finishing off web and shop orders it was time to down tools, pack up and move house.

Christmas was wonderful, probably made extra enjoyable by the fact we had been working so hard up to this point and knew we had really earned a proper feet up for a week or two. It flew by and before we knew it, the New Year was upon us. January is normally quite a gentle push back into the world of Drynosedog, which is mainly spent restocking shops and catching up on bookwork. However, this January has been a lttle different- we have taken on three new stockists (details of which can be found on the stoickists page)  This, along with web orders and existing stockists needing refilling with sheep, ducks, owls and such like has kept us proper busy.

And so onto February. We are attending our first fair in February, which is quite early for us, as we normally stay in hibernation mode and hide away in the studio til at least March, but we couldnt resist sneaking in a Saturay Bazaar at the Pavilion gardens in Buxton. Hopefully the weather will be kind. We will have a bargain basket with us too so it will of course be well worth a visit.

Oh and if anyone has tried to email us and not had a reply, its not because we dont love you. There was a fault with my email which resulted in them not making it to my inbox. Hopefully all sorted now though so we look forward to hearing from you. Im off for a Lemsip.

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