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February already?

Posted by drynosedog on February 13, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Hello blog fans. I see we have all made it past the credit card debt ridden month of January. (Which is funnily enough one of my favourite months as I actually get to chill out just a little bit before the madness begins again when all the shops start requesting a restock) I have just been to Bakewell Tourist Information Centre today with a nice array of items for their shelves, and more orders are coming in as people thaw out their wallets and finally decide that a tealight holder is a necessary purchase. There is also the possibilty of two new stockists, (we will update on those in due course) so it looks like we are in for a busy time as we are also getting stock ready for Fabulous Places Spring Market. We have made some nice Mumsy-type ranges as the event falls a week before Mothers Day so it is perfect for treating Mummy-dearest to a pressie. Even better, why not take her with you? There is a wonderful Prosseco bar, lots of naughty-but-nice nibbles dotted around, and she can even pick her own gift, so you can rest assured it will be something she will treasure, along with memories of a nice day with you. Good thinking, hey?

Next, I suppose I have to apologise for the events page, which even though we don't venture out too early in the year to attend markets, is normally in a better state of repair than it is at the moment. Yesterday it was just outdated, nothing major, but today, after spending half an hour on it, we have actually made it worse. It now has some new events at the top (Spring Market and Calke Abbey May Bank Holiday) but still has last years events on the rest of the page.This is because I am working on the Ipad and cannot for love nor money get beyond June. It won't let me scroll down the page. And even scrolling down repeatedly, REALLY hard whilst swearing and pleading in a childish, almost bawling, oh-why-does-nothing-just-do-what-it's-meant-to-do tantrum style seems to make no bloomin difference to the response it gives. And I can't get on the internet on my other pootah either- it just keeps showing me a ridiculously cute picture of a dinosaur that distracts me into happy mode for a minute before throwing me back to the cyber-lions with the words "you are not connected to the internet" Aargh. I suppose it's time to learn how this new laptop thing works. I won't update you on any of this again, just know that if the events page looks of the decade, and the homepage has more than just words on it, I fathomed it. If things are updated, but spelt wrong, or photos the wrong way, it means we fathomed it. But with the additional tool commonly known as a can of beer or three.

So, as the blog title suggests, I am surprised by the fact it is February already. I am always surprised by the speed the months go by and before I know it, Autumn will be shocking me with its approach. (Only jokin, that's AGES away!) There is so much to do though, and it looks like one of our regular Winter events is extending its duration somewhat, so I really need to start getting lots of stock ready for Christmas. I have already prepared a few bits and bobs, and I have promised myself that this year I will be very organised. No doubt it will all just sneak up on me as it does every year and I will be left dismayed at where the year has gone, and how the heck I can make a years worth of stock in three weeks. I know for a lot of you it must seem crazy to be thinking so far ahead (although I am aware organisers of shows will understand this, as they start planning next years event just as the gates close on this years one) but the booking forms are piling up at the moment and as you look through them, you see your year ahead, and realise that once you attend your first event, it just kind of catapults you onto the next, then there's an order to do, then another show, then before you know it, it's Summer holiday time, which you know is your last bit of feet up before silly season starts. And that's how it is for us here at Drynosedog, always trying to be one step ahead, but usually getting thwarted back. So on that note, full of enthusiasm and the promise of a year full of organisation, I'm going off up to the studio to get some work done. For a change, I am going to sneak up on this year and take it by surprise. 

Ps. If any of you are wondering, my wonder dog is still going strong. She seems happy, full of beans and totally unaware of the fact that she is a miracle dog. It has now been just over 6 months since her diagnosis and her next target is Valentines day, which is tomorrow. I bought her a nice big chewy bone to say well done. Happy Valentines to you all, I hope you've all got someone to give a great big hug to. x

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