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Woohoo! A blog!

Posted by drynosedog on May 12, 2015 at 1:10 PM

Hello blog fans and as always, apologies for lack of blog. I really should treat you better.

So, where to start? I think it was March when I last blogged and so much has happened I am not quite sure what to tell you first. Here goes.......



First things first- New stockists! We have been over to Chesterfield Tourist Information Centre with a delivery of animal ranges and daisy tealights and we are as chuffed as chuffed can be to be back stocking this great centre. We have stocked here on and off for a few years now and they always have a great array of goodies to buy in the shop, which handily enough for those sight seeing types amongst you, is right by the famous crooked spire. There is also a brilliant market in Chesterfield and a new Artisan market so its really worth a visit to this great town.

And our next new stockist is the wonderful Crich Tramway Musuem. They stock a wide variety of the animal ranges including ducks, sheep, owls, hedgehogs, cows and pigs as well as a selection of the various colours and designs you can see here on the website. I had been having a mix of fortunes when we were first called to go over to the museum. Firstly I had been suffering from Labyrinthitis (not nearly as cool as it sounds) which had brought on quite severe vertigo. I now know vertigo is not fun. However a bit of good fortune was on the way- I won a competition in the Pets at Home magazine for my witty caption to a photo they had published. My humour and general wit was to be rewarded with £100 in vouchers. Which was brilliant. I treated my dogs to new grooming implements and some doggy chocolate Easter eggs and have still got some spends left. Then on my first trip to take an order I drove through what appeared to be a small puddle which turned out to be a pot hole of enormous proportion which ripped my tyre to pieces and left me stranded on a country lane, with no idea how to change a tyre (or even where to start looking for a spare one) and even more annoyingly, the museum only a few minutes drive away. A phone call to the permanently-on-call fix-it man got me back on the road and up to the museum, where a large order was placed for my glassy type wares. So you can see, it was a real mix of good and bad going on. But the worst was yet to come-We lost our miracle dog, Maisie.

 I wasn't really sure whether or not to write much about losing her as it is so sad for me to write about it and I cant imagine it will be a barrel of laughs to read about it either, but I know some of you who read this blog know me personally, and might be interested.

Maisie lost her battle with Lymphoma on 16th March after seven and a half months of well and truly showing it who was boss. She had been fit and well for pretty much most of this time, only having to battle weight loss at the very start (which we managed to bring under control with the worlds most fattening and most expensive dog food) and a stomach bug which we suspect she contracted after she attempted to drink the River Dove dry after a visit to Dovedale.

She was doing so well, that we had almost forgotten she was ill, so it came as quite a blow when at a routine check up it was found her lymph nodes were all massively swollen and the illness was very much still there and now starting to win. We were told this was the start of the end. That was a Monday and by the Friday she had started to go downhill. She was slowing down considerably, starting to struggle to get up, and her face was swelling. We nick named her hover-craft face, as her jawline had started to resemble the inflated skirt bit of a hover-craft. She was also getting laboured in her breathing when she was lying down, which I think was due to the swelling of the lymph nodes. It was so sad to see her starting to lose the fight. The next day we decided an appointment should made for her on Monday to see the vet for the last time. I was hoping that I would be able to cancel the appointment, that Id only really booked it as a just-in-case type-thing but the speed she was going downhill was frightening, and I knew we would be going.

We spent a lovely last weekend with her, family came round to see her and no-one was allowed to cry. I made her pancakes for Sunday breakfast- one of her all time favourite treats. She had a roast dinner as her last evening meal and on Monday morning (the day of the appointment) she was bought a sausage and egg mcmuffin for a treat for breakfast. Hilariously, and probably not the best advert for Mcdonalds, she turned it down. When I tell people this, they say she had probably lost her appetite. Then I tell them that she wolfed down two egg custards instead. It was just that she wasn't impressed by Mcdonalds breakfasts. We then went for a lovely walk on Allestree Park, where the dogs played in the lake and walked (very slowly) up to the hall and the pond. We had a picnic when we got home, and Maisie enjoyed some ham, cheese straws and more egg custard. After some quiet hugs, and a last lie down with best buddy Poppy dog, it was time to go.

As any pet owner knows, this is one of the hardest things to do for your beloved animal, but also one of the kindest. She fell to sleep so peacefully, and I knew we had done the right thing, at the right time. But that doesn't seem to make it any easier to have lost her. It is breaking my heart to write about it now, so much so that this is the fourth time Ive opened up the laptop, wrote a few words, cried lots then turned it off again with the promise to finish it later.

I think Ive finally managed to do it now- this is my fifth attempt and Im going to carry on with other news now because otherwise it will be another week before I find the time to open up the laptop again and get this blog done and dusted.


So, what else to tell you? Ive unfortunately had to cancel my spot at Ashover show this year as all plans around July and August have had to be re-juggled for one reason and another, and I just wont be able to get there this year. I will truly be sorry to miss this event as its such a brilliant show and in a really lovely location. Don't let it stop you going though. Im sure it will still be just as wonderful (well, nearly) even without us there.

Talking of great shows, I will be at Fabulous Places Summer Market on 5th July at The Roundhouse, Pride Park in Derby. It is open 10-4 so maybe I will see you there instead? A couple of weeks after that is West Hallam Well Dressings which is one of those where I really hope for good weather as our stall is only under a gazebo, which notoriously are not capable of holding back half of the weather which our British Summertime tends to throw at us. This event really tends to draw the crowds out as the whole village gets involved in the Wells and the scarecrow trail and there is so much going on. And due to not attending Ashover in August, my next event after that wont be till the first weekend of September where I will be at the brilliantly-brilliant(!) Sutton Bonington Show. This is normally on the same weekend as Whittington Country Fair, and is my last fair of the summer season. Which I don't want to think about, as the end of the Summer season spells the start of silly season. And im not ready for that just yet. Though I have started making a few Christmas items in anticipation. I have a great new penguin design in the pipe-line, and Hector robin may well be getting some festive friends too. But for now, lets hope for some Summer. Im sure it is meant to be arriving later this week, or so the weather people say.  I will believe it when I see it (and when Im moaning that Im too hot) Bye for now



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