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Stockists Updated

Posted by drynosedog on June 3, 2015 at 7:15 AM

Hello blog fans, yes this is another blog, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Wow, didn't realise how long that last blog was, what a treat for you all, and now, another blog too! It will only be a quick one, as not only is it now dinner time (lunch if youre posher than I is) I have been sat at the poostah for three hours now, totally re-doing the stockists page as for some reason, as is always the way, the website decided it didn't like the layout, and made half of it vanish, and then highlighted the other half with some sort of pyschedelic imagery which made the text impossible to read without inducing a migraine. So Ive had enough. But I thought Id better tell you that Ive updated the stockist page (which was my original intention. A half hour job. Not 3 hours retyping the whole thing)

On there you will now find details for Chesterfield Tourist Information Centre, and also Crich Tramway Museum. I am really looking forward to visiting the tramway museum as Ive never been before, and every time I take a delivery of glass, I try not to look around to avoid any "spoilers" as my lovely daughter calls them. But it all looks so good, I want to go on a tram, have a pint in the old fashioned, proper looking pub. Maybe even force a cake down in the tearooms. (After a walk round the sculpture trail of course, so I earn the calories.) But theres no time for any of that just at the moment, and there wont be if I sit here gassing on to you lot.

So, I will go now, I think Im going to have my snap in the garden today as it actually feels warmer than winter for the first time this week. The birds must agree with me as Ive just seen a fledgling blackbird in our birdbath. Just hope the neighbours pesky cats stay away. Might have to send out the damp nosed dog.

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