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A day of doing

Posted by drynosedog on September 11, 2015 at 4:30 AM

Today is a day of doing jobs that I never seem to allocate any time for doing, yet still need to fit in somehow. I thought while I was attacking this long list of jobs, I would write a blog, as this is also one of them things that I expect to find the time to do yet never put aside any time to do it in. In all fairness, I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, though only because I had to log into my website to correct an error which someone a lot more eagley-eyed than me had spotted. None of that blog makes sense anymore as the wonderful shows I was telling you about have been and gone. But now youre here, I will tell you about them.

So first of all on Saturday 5th September we were at Whittington Country Fair, and I was trying to work out how many years I have been attending this event. I reckon it must be about 7. I always remember one of the first years I was there, it rained like it was monsoon season and no cars were allowed onto the showground (muddy pool) at the end of the day. No problem for cushion makers. Not great for people who make glass and insist on taking at least 3 of every design to every show with them. Luckily the army cadets were there to help lug everything to the nearest parking which wasn't two foot under. This year the weather was ok, it started off a bit miserable in the morning but it cleared up and as usual, it was a great show. I had been panicking about going as my little Corsa which I usually drive is proper poorly sick at the car doctors so I had to borrow a car. I was offered the better halfs car. Which is MASSIVE. Its a great big pick up truck which I am not used to driving (the bonnet alone is about the height of my Corsa) I love this car, its my favourite of all his vehicles, but that only applies if Im passenger side and he is driving. Driving it round the tight turns of Whittington playing field pushes it down my list of dream cars to own. I did manage to keep the car in tact, with all the pieces that were meant to be attached, still attached. I didn't hit any gates, trees or posts and even did a reverse manouvere (much to the horror of the stewards who were stood very close-by) They pointed out that there was no need to worry, huge combines and tractors, fair-ground rides and such like had passed through these gates. I pointed out that they were not driven by me, and probably wouldn't have made it through if they were.So that was one show down, one more to go. I wasn't quite as scared about going to the Sutton Bonington Show on the Sunday as there is a nice wide turning into the showground and a roomy car park. I opted to get there early to ensure maximum roominess in the car park. For saying I had really not wanted to drive this monster vehicle, I was proper enjoying pretending it was mine. (to be honest, just driving a clean, litter-free, dog-hair free, mould-free car was a treat) The show was great as usual, and the weather was utterly glorious.  I caught up with some of my regulars, who come to see me every year, and met some lovely new ones too. We sold a few bags of dog treats to raise money for Burton Wildlife Sanctuary, and along with the proceeds from Whittingtons sales, we raised £45 over the weekend for them, so thank you to everyone who bought something.

Our next show is not til the middle of October, when we will be at The Pavilion Gardnes in Buxton for The Great Peak District Fair. One of the aforementioned jobs today is to list the rest of the years events on the website. And another is to photo some new Christmas designs and get them on here too. Feel free to check up on my progress. Til next time......

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