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Events 2015. Done

Posted by drynosedog on December 2, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Hello all and welcome to the blog. As usual Ive not had time to write much on here but I do manage to post a few things on our Facebook page so if youre into my wafflings, why not follow us on there as you will get more regular snippets of info.

So first I will tell you about the header on the home page, which tells you that we are no longer attending The Winter Wonderland at Buxton this weekend. The roof in the Octagon is being repaired, and as such, that part of the building is obviously not in use while the works are carried out. To prevent all the wonderful events that are held in this room being cancelled, the team at The Pavilion Gardens booked a large marquee to house all us exhibitors in for the events, markets, fairs etc. Problem was that the marquee which they got was not as big as expected and therefore couldn't house as many exhibitors as had booked. Hence the reason we cant go- there just isn't the room for us all, and as we were one of the last to book our spot, we were naturally selected first to lose our space. This was totally out of our control and we are really disappointed that we cant go as we really enjoyed this event last year.

As this means we have no more events, we will tell you about the one we have just completed which was the marathon of 18 days at Chatsworth Christmas Market. (19 if you include the day we spend setting up the stall) We love this one, its easily our favourite Christmas event as the atmosphere is buzzing, we get a large space to display all our goodies, we are surrounded by great friends on other stalls and we are at Chatsworth- which is such a beautiful setting for such an event. Shame the weather wasnt as good. Firstly we had Storm Abigail passing through, which killed off a set of our fairy lights and displaced a few fake snowballs. She was quickly followed by the tail end of Hurricane Kate, a real feisty lady with enough gusto to shut us down totally on Sunday, only to be followed by Hurricane Barney who decided he would finish the market early on Tuesday for us. We were told on that day that the market would be shutting early because of forecasted gales but at that time it was calm, and we found it hard to believe there was any problem afoot. Within half hour Barney had hit, and it was amazing yet scary to see the force of the wind rip from the top of the market through to the bottom of the hill where our stall was. From being calm and serene, our display was being shaken like a rag doll, stock was falling quicker than we could take it down and the sides of our marquee were being blown in with such force it could nearly take you off your feet if you were near them. Putting the fronts on was challenging too as every time one side had been secured and we went to move along and secure the next bit, the wind came and tore it down again. And that was without the rain. I know weve had rain at the market before (after all, it is November and it is Derbyshire) but ive never known it to be quite so relentless. Wind. Rain. Wind and rain. So we were glad when we woke up to snow on the middle weekend. Yes, it was cold, and I must have worn every single thermal undergarment on me all in one go, but I didnt care as it was calm, it was dry and it was very Christmassy. It didnt last though and we were soon back to the wind and the rain. Talk of us having to shut on the last day due to more gales circulated the market but luckily, the worst weather passed us by and we were able to stay open for the last weekend. Markets were closing and being cancelled around us but we carried on and by this point we had found out that Drynosedog had come 2nd in the best dressed stall competition, meaning our spot next year is secured (and half price!)  Woop! Thanks to all of you that came to see us this year, we hope you will come back next year.

Im now utterly shattered but have still got a lot to do as shops need restocking and web orders need processing. We are a little back-logged at the moment so if you have placed an order, please bear with us, it should be going out to you this week. Nearly all items are having to be made as our stock is so low, but you will be notified when your order is on its way. Please bear in mind, our last day for orders is the 12th December.

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