Animals Animals Duck Selection 163960794 Sheep Selection Quintessentially English. Almost makes you want to eat cream teas while singing the National Anthem 163960793 Cow Selection 163960795 Owl Selection 163960796 Hedgehog Selection As cute as the real thing but less prickly. Does not hibernate. 163960797 Peggy and George Donkey Selection Hee Haw 163960798 Piggies Selection 177705537 5inch Piggies Bubble Balls 177705536 Small Piggies Tealight Holders 177705538 Large Piggies Tealight Holders 177705539 Piggies Photo Frames 177705540 Piggies Bud Vases 177705541 Piggies Conical Vases 177705542 6inch Piggies Bubble Balls 177705543 Small Square Piggies Tealight Holders 177705544